1 Month



Diaper changes, baths, being naked, pacifier, bottles, nursing, smiling, cooing.


When the carseat stops moving. When no one can find the pacifier.


Hi baby girl. One month later and you are everything we thought you’d be; sweet, beautiful, a real heart melter. Sometimes I feel guilty because I don’t hold you as much as I held Waylon or fuss over you as much as I did for your needy brother when he was a newborn, but I think you’re happy. You are content as soon as I can figure out what you want; the swing, a nap, to be fed, to be swaddled, held, or just loved on.

You sleep with us every night, either in the middle of the bed or in the co-sleeper next to me. But you always start in the same spot, on your dad’s chest. Those are sweet moments. When he turns off the light, I stare at your silhouettes in the dark. I watch his chest rise and fall as your tiny body relaxes and falls asleep. It is hard for me to look away. I don’t ever want that memory to fade.





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