6 Months

photo 3

I am afraid I have given a skewed picture of our dear Evie. Yes she is very sweet and loving and “a nice baby” sitting in front of a wall of white flowers– but she is also very wild and spunky and loud. Six month old babies are my very favorite, and this girl is exactly why. She is funny and silly and always wanting to go. To play. To lie on the floor and belly laugh while her brother acts like an orangutan.

Waylon was a spunky baby too, but he was also a cuddler. This girl does not have time. She is too busy. Too squirmy. She has things to do.

She can also be sensitive. When her dad gets home, she cries a pitiful cry until he picks her up. Even if she’s in the middle of eating. Even if she was just the happiest she’s ever been. She wants affection, she wants a nuzzle and a kiss and for someone to carry her around to touch all the various inanimate objects. A lampshade! A doornob! A piece of grass! You know how it is.

What else? Ah yes–our dearest Evie hates breastfeeding (but we’re working on it). Last week we started solid foods and it seems to help. Again, her brother was so different–not starting any solids until 9 months. I like the differences. It amuses me.

In a few weeks she goes for a doctor’s appointment so we can get all her various measurements (I think she’s a bit on the small side all around) and stick her with needles (the horror).

She is a beautiful and sweet baby and I cannot gobble her up enough.


IMG_9821IMG_9830 IMG_98400102forreal0304050607


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