9 Months




Says —> Uh oh, ma-ma, da-da

Does –> Crawl, stand, try to walk, have two teeth, get into the toilet (ugh)

Loves —> Babies, puppies, kitties, dolls, music, balls, dishwasher, water. Muy similar to Sir Wayne at this age except instead of hating the vacuum, she loves the vacuum and instead of loving books, she prefers to chew on them.

Hates —> Being insulted (but how to predict?), being carried by big boss bro, acquiring teeth

Loves to eat —> Oatmeal, veggies, yogurt, fruit, Dr. Praeger spinach/broccoli pancakes, cheese. Basically everything. She’s a garbage disposal.

Note to baby girl —> Your current teething mood is giving me PTSD to your brother’s first year of life (oh, the crying!), but for the most part–you are a pleasant dollop of a baby. Sweet, sassy, and full of babbly, paci-loving, suck-on-your-face joy. You are my 90s doll come to life, but with the independence of a housecat. I love you. Every part.



 03 04 0605


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