One Year



29.5 inches


19.5 lbs


Peekaboo, fake weird bear rug, Costco box, baby dolls, toy cars, fruit, a second helping of fruit, milk, da, ma, bro, grandparents, attention, kitties, puppies, stuffed animals, pacis, water, running, outside, climbing, bottles, being surprised, getting nails clipped, walks, tickles, shoes, necklaces, being fancy.


Hey beautiful girl, you are one today. A walking, shrieking, grabby, toddler. I can hardly believe my eyes. One minute ago you were sleeping with your newborn face against my neck, and now you’re at my feet demanding Moonbeam Bear Takes A Bath one more time. I’m so proud to be your mama. You are strong, loud, funny, and brave.  A climber and a doer. A kisser and sweet baby doll lover. You are sunshine and healing. You could cheer the grouchiest of grouches. I love you to the moon and back. Happy birthday, sweet Evie D. A bright light in our world.


One Year Of Evie


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