14 Months


Baths, water, blowing nose, fake laughing, spinning, books, puppies, kitties, attention, destroying, exploring, toilet paper, trash cans, pacis.

Being left out in any capacity.

8pm-8am. One or two naps a day.

Tries anything. Throws most meat and bread on the floor. Loves fruit, pasta, spinach patties and cheese.

Mama, Dada, Hot, Ball, Yes

Does twirling count?

Oh Eve. Remember when you were a happy, goopy newborn? I love your wildness, but you are exhausting. You run around all day trying to undo whatever corner of the house was clean or picked up. You are loud, demanding, and very pleased with yourself. You are also fast. And funny. And so incredibly loud. I’m so lucky to have you.






2 thoughts on “14 Months

  1. How are your kids so so beautiful? Also, I demand pictures of them trying to tear each other’s hair out. I’m 25 weeks pregnant with my second, my first turned 2 in January, and I keep wondering how to make them get along as well as yours do…so I want proof that you’re posting only the good moments 🙂 Lots of love (you’re doing an incredible job)!

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