18 Months


Attention, her crib, water, kids, puppies, kitties, new places.

Special New Installments
Swimming! We took her to the pool for the first time yesterday and not only did she dip her face under the water, she went completely under. She was literally smiling at us from under the water. Jumping, splashing, diving under with no fear. Craziest swimmer baby.

Translation Guide
Tatties = Pacis
Bowns = Balloons
Wawa = Water
She Shes = Fish
Moo = Cow
Tea = Any drink
Sea-ew = Shoe
Bays = Berries
Tattoo = Tractor
Tuah = Seagull

Eats dirt and sand and toilet water like it’s caviar. Screams to be held if she even slightly wants to be held. Throws her pacis out of the van as soon as we open the door and then demands to have them back. More clingy the past few months. Our best stretches of happy time are after meals and before bedtime. Happiest with her dad, loves her brother, and one of the wildest, funniest kids I know. Lucky to know her.



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